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Piano/Keyboard Lessons

Taught by a young passionate gentleman with 4yrs+ teaching experience

  • Ended
  • 400 Ghanaian cedis
  • Virtual Session

Service Description

Duration of course: 8 weeks Frequency: Twice a week Duration per session: 40 minutes Price: GHS400. (GHS50/Session) Required level: Beginner Age range: 9-60 years Class size: 3 Required tools: piano or keyboard (at least 49-key) Parental assistance: If possible for kids (not mandatory) Essential supplies: Laptop/ipad/tablet, pencil, pen, exercise book Communication tool/software: Zoom Lesson Plan 1. Introduction to the piano/keyboard a) Piano/keyboard as an instrument b) Importance of music (Entertainment, Leisure, Therapy, etc) c) Structure of the piano/keyboard d) Body, hand and wrist posture 2. Notes, Scales, Chords and Chord Progressions a) Notes  Naming notes on the instrument b) Scales  Major and Minor Scales • Major- wwhwwwh • Minor-whwwhww  Solfa Notation( do re mi fa so la ti)  Concept of the relative minor  Finger Independence and Dexterity Exercises (Chromatic Scale) eg. Hanon finger exercises c) Chords  Major and minor chords( Triads)  Finger Placement  Seventh and Dominant Chords (Embellishments)  Chord Inversions d) Chord Progressions The number system  I V VI IV  VI IV I V  I IV V  II III VI  I V VI III IV I IV V (Canon) 3. The Concept of the key of a song a) Transposition and Modulation b) Finding the key of a song by ear 4. Ear training a) Intervals b) Playing the melody of a song c) Adding the bass in the left hand 5. Rhythm  Keeping the tempo with a metronome  Tapping your feet as you play 6. Improvisation  The pentatonic scale  Getting creative with the major scale 7. *Learning Songs

Contact Details

1 Alafia Street, Adenta Municipality, Ghana

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