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Guitar Lessons

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Service Description

Duration of course: 8 weeks Frequency: Twice a week Duration per session: 40 minutes Price of 8 week course: GHS400 (GHS50 per session) Required level: Beginner Age range: 9-60 years Class size: 3 Required tools: 6 string acoustic or electric guitar Parental assistance: If possible for kids (not mandatory) Teaching Expertise: 6 years Essential supplies: Laptop/ipad/tablet, pencil, pen, exercise book Communication tool/software: Zoom Guitar Lesson Plan 1. Introduction to the concept of guitar a) Guitar as an instrument b) Parts of the guitar c) Types of guitar d) Body, hand and wrist posture e) Names of Strings (Standard Tuning) 2. Notes, Scales, Chords and Chord Progressions a) Notes  Naming notes on the fretboard  Major and Minor Scales • Major- wwhwwwh • Minor-whwwhww  Concept of the relative minor  Finger Exercises(Chromatic Scale) b) Chords  Open major and minor chords  Seventh and Dominant Chords (Embellishments)  The Concept of Barre chords c) Chord Progressions The number system  I V VI IV  VI IV I V  I IV V  II III VI  I V VI III IV I IV V (Canon) 3. Tuning a) Tuning a guitar manually  5th fret  Harmonics  With other instruments b) With a tuner 4. The Concept of the key of a song a) Using a capo b) Finding the key of a song by ear 5. Strumming(Fingers and Pick) a) Right hand wrist movement b) Strumming patterns  dudud  dduud,etc. 6. Fingerstyle guitar  Bass and melody  Right hand finger placement and movement 7. Improvisation  The five positions of the pentatonic scale  Alternate Picking  Soloing (Expanding your creativity with the major scale) 8. *Learning Songs

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1 Alafia Street, Adenta Municipality, Ghana

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