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School Holidays Fun Activities

Stumped for what to do with the kids this holiday? School Holidays don't mean that kids just stop learning. Here are some ideas of fun activities that will keep them learning new skills in risk taking, confidence building, team working, as well as good old hands on learning.

  1. Bake a recipe, set up a stall (table) outside your house and sell to any brave passer-by or neighbour 😊?

Parent tip: Consider some learning you can weave into this FUN activity!

Reading comprehension / internet research / phonics – Finding and reading the recipe

Needs and wants – what do you need for your bake and what is a nice to have?

List writing – Buying the ingredients

Money problems and money recognition – counting the money and working out the change

Measures & weights – Weighing the ingredients

Temperature learning – turning oven to the right temperature (Celsius/farenheight)

Division/subtraction – how many did you bake? If you shared it among the family how many could each person have? What if you gave some to your grandparents/friend? How many would you have left? How much do you have left after selling to each customer?

Supply and demand – how many baked goods do you have and how many did people want to buy?

  1. Create a Ghana Landmark. Include some interesting facts if you can

  2. Take a trip out to the museum, or visit a place which ties closely with your interests

  3. Give yourself a project based on your interest (remember to do some research before jumping in!

  4. Parent tip: interaction and stimulation is the key!

    • As you go out and about, talk about where you are going and what you are going to do. At home, watch a family movie and have fun laughing and chatting about what your kids would do if they were in that situation. e.g. what would they do if they were accidentally left home alone! Build up those thinking skills even as you bond with them

  5. The Basics: Read a book, build a lego, watch a movie, do a puzzle

  6. Make a cosy corner, den or tent indoors. Use this as your reading corner, relaxation corner, music listening corner, creative corner, story making corner, nap corner…you decide

  7. Join in with the cooking

  8. Take a bubble bath, have a foot spa and pedicure or have a spa day

  9. Go through you family photo album or make one of your own

  10. Turn the last terms school artwork, or projects into a photo album! If having a physical album isn’t an option. Take pictures of them and create a digital album

  11. Build an obstacle course

  12. Younger kids: make your own slime or playdough and enjoy creating scenes with them and your toys (on a tray with objects to drive through/pile on/cover)

  13. Technology: Record yourself telling a story, find some fun educational games, listen to podcasts, audio books, or music

  14. Explore the garden/park/forest for what bugs, minibeasts, animals, plants live there

  15. Have some fun gardening

  16. Have a dance battle

  17. Have a lip sync battle

  18. Have a sports day

  19. Have a board games/cards day! We're thinking monopoly, scrabble, uno, ludo, chess, 🐍 and 🪜, articulate, guess who, beat the parents, cluedo, get the drift

For more tips and ideas, follow us on Instagram @kids_cloudgh and watch our Holidays Series Highlight and our Stories.

Air Hugs & Elbow Bumps,

Kids Cloud

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